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Working with BlobColumn in SSIS

I was working with SSIS to migrate MS Access data to MS CRM 4.0.When i completed writting SSIS package everything working fine except Blob Column of MS Access.
As it’s rich text I’m not able to read data properly from BLOBCOLUMN.Aafter a long time googling around i got a cool stuff to deal with MEMO data type of MS Access.
Here is the sample code how to read MEMO field from MS Access
In this sample code Row.Notes is the MEMO column in MS Access

‘ Read 4000 bytes (2000 characters) from the stream

Dim buffer1 As New IO.MemoryStream(Row.Notes.GetBlobData(0, 10000))

‘ Get a stringBuilder to work with

Dim bldr1 As New Text.StringBuilder(10000)

‘ Convert the bytes from the buffer into an array of

‘ characters and put them into the stringBuilder


‘ Set the new Field value

note.notetext = bldr1.ToString()


Happy coding

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