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SSIS Script Component Error with PostExecute: 0xC001404D

I spent some time resolving an interesting error today in an SSIS component I was writing that included a Script Component.
The error message is as follows

The error was caused by setting value to the ReadWrite variable .


override void Input0_ProcessInputRow(Input0Buffer Row){


"Username"].Value = Row.DROPID;



A bit of research on the error code 0xC001404D indicated that the variable is being locked somewhere along the way – and so gets caught in a deadlock.

I thought this was quite strange as I dont use this variable anywhere else in this package so there wasnt anywhere else that it could be getting locked for read or write.
I eventually realised that the only other place I had added the variable was to to the ReadWriteVariables list in the properties of the Script Component:

As soon as I removed this variable name from that field, I was able to get my script component to successfully run.

This made me think that the field on the properties page must be performing the

VariableDispenser.LockOneForRead(CRMConstants.RECORDCOUNT, ref RefRecordCounts);

and corresponding

The solution solve this issue is as follows

1.Get the all the Vaiables from the VariableDispenser

IDTSVariables100 ProprtyValues;


out ProprtyValues);

2.lock for Read/Write


ref ProprtyValues);

3. Read/write vale

ProprtyValues[VarName].Value = VarValue;

4.Unlock the variables


So it turns out that removing the variable name from the ReadWriteVariables field is the only way to allow you to write to it from within the script component code.


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  1. banzai
    July 3, 2013 at 9:05 am

    thank’s of lot,guy!

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