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Customizing Duplicate Detected View

Lot of time i wondered how to customize the View that has shown when duplicate detected in a record.

Did not get  enough time to dig into this but today i got request from one my collegue about to customize this view and finally got following information from MSDN..where it explains the rule of thumb for columns that were show in this view..

What columns are shown on the tables in the Duplicates Detected dialog? – The following columns are shown on the tables in the Duplicates Detected dialog:-

a. Primary Field – This is the user-friendly information (typically the name) of a record using which you identify the record. For example, the full-name of a Contact, the name of an Account and so on.

b. Status – The status of the record. The most common values of this field are Active and Inactive.

c. Modified On – The date on which this record was last modified. This helps you determine how old the record you are viewing is.

d. The Rule fields – The above 3 columns are followed by those fields on which there are published duplicate-detection rules. For example, if there are two duplicate detection rules, one which says that contacts are duplicates if they have the same e-mail addresses, and the second which says that contacts are duplicates if they have the same first name, last name and business phone numbers, then the table will contain all the email-address columns on which the first rule is defined, the first name field, the last name field and the business phone field. The rule fields are displayed because it is due to some or all of these fields that the record was detected as duplicate of the current record.

e. The Lookup view fields – All Lookup view fields which are not already part of one of the above types of columns, are displayed next. You may customize the fields in the lookup view of an entity from the Settings->Customization area.

Note that the new/updated record table also consists of all the above fields, except Status and Modified On.


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