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Error while unpublishing Duplicate Detection Rule

I was struggling to unpublish duplicate detection rule that we had in our CRM for last couple of days. It was always showing message saying ‘This rule is in USe can not unpublish’ . When i tried to cancel all system jobs that was runnig for this rule , the status become cancelling and it did not get status to either sucess or failure  for couple of days. Then i realized somethign going  wrong with duplicate detection. When i looked at the database the table “duplicaterecordbase” had around 10 million records , i was surprised . Then i statred googling and found few suggestion as below

Rules not to create duplicate Detection rule

1.Dont create rule with the filed that most of the time empty or Null.

2.Don’t run duplicate detection rule often as it creates the entry in the table for each match.

Once you come to the situatuion where you can not unpublish the rule or can not cancel System jobs then it’s time to clear table “duplicaterecordbase” in the CRM database manually .If you want to go with supported way then you have call Microsoft..

Following query helped to clean this table..


duplicateruleid,count(*) from duplicaterecordbase group by duplicateruleid


table duplicaterecordbase

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