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Tip : Save Read-only field values when value set by Business Rule

We all know when field is set to read-only  on the form it won’t be saved until we set SumbitMode = “always” . For example if you populate value of the field2 ( Read-only)  based on  field1 on the form  using Business rule  when you save the record,  field2 value won’t be saved as it’s a read-only field on the form.

To fix this issue  add field2 to the form one more time with “Show by dafault” unchecked and as read-write.

Basically we have Field2 twice in the form , one field set to read-only ( Field Read-only checked) and “Visible by default” checked . Other one is read-write ( Field Read-only Unchecked)  and “Visible by default” unchecked ( not visible in the form). When we populate Field2 value using Business rule it sets the Value on both the instance of the field2. As one instance of the field is read-write,  system automatically saves the field value.


1. Field  “Test1”  added twice in the form, one is read-only and set “Visible by Default” checked  , other one set to Read-write and “Visible by default ” unchecked


2. Business Rule to Update Test1″ field value whenever email changes.


3.Form when you create new record or existing record




4. Field “Test1” value saved even though it set to read-only on the form.



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