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Change Label Position in Quick View form

In any entity Main Form we can customize the Field label position for the section  Either Side or Top. For example if you want to show label of the field in the top you can do this by selecting the section properties and in format tab under “Field Label Position” you can choose top.


Same way you can change Field label position to “Side” to display label in the left side of the field. When we form with fields and  Quick view form, where all form Field Label position is set to Top ,

Still quick view form shows filed label in the left and it does not look good in the form. If you try to change the quick view form Field label position there is no option in the UI customization section.

To change the Quick view form “Field Label Position” to Top  or vise versa you can follow the below steps

1. Create new solution  and the quick view form entity to the solution. ( Eg : For Contact Quick view  , Add contact entity to the solution )

2.Export the solution and unzip the solution.

3.Copy the Customization.xml from the zip fle and open the customization.xml in any text editor

4. Find the quick view form in the customization XMl, in the form locate the <tabs><sections> tag and corresponding <section> tag that you want to change Field Label Position. ( For example Information section in contact Quick view form)

5. in the section xml tag add celllabelposition=”Top” attribute to show label in top of the field and celllabelposition=”Left” to show label in the left. Showing label in left is the default behavior.


6.After adding this attribute to the Xml save the customization.xml and place this xml file back to solution and import into system and publish it.

Here is the final result  where Filed labels placed in top of the field in Quick view form


Here is sample customization.Xml file that i have used to change ” Contact quick view” form to show label in the top

<forms type=”quick”>
<form hasmargin=”false” shownavigationbar=”false”>
<ancestor id=”{bdb0ae1c-32fa-4374-b637-8dafe107bc44}” />
<tabs showlabels=”false”>
<tab name=”general” verticallayout=”true” id=”{6fd9013a-2c88-4593-b364-c9f21e572640}” IsUserDefined=”0″>
<label description=”General” languagecode=”1033″ />
<column width=”100%”>
<section name=”information” id=”{a9d2c4bb-9863-4712-b13c-f27c88331597}” IsUserDefined=”0″ showlabel=”false”
showbar=”false” celllabelposition=”Top”>


If it’s a default system quick view form system may not export the quick view form as part of the solution. In order to system export the quick view form, add any field to the quick  view form and save and publish it . If you export the solution now , system will export the quick view form as part of the solution.

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